A sampling of parent testimonials

“Creative Minds Academy has done an excellent job educating our children—academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Malia and Shane thoroughly enjoyed and thrived at this Montessori setting. We were especially concerned when our active son Shane entered school. However, with his firm yet loving teachers, Shane not only learned to read and write well, he also learned to share, follow rules and directions and listen well. Our son was actually well-behaved (much to our surprise)! Now, fourth grade Malia and kindergartner Shane frequently beg to visit their “old” school. Creative Minds offers a nurturing environment both academically and socially for children of all ages. It has been a very positive experience for our entire family. We highly recommend it to anyone near or far.”
Kelli & Ink Aleaga, Burien

“Our daughter spent two years at CMA, and our son is currently at CSTM and excited to soon be moving up to the “big school.” Under the exceptional direction of Yvette Henricus, both schools provide excellent academic instruction with dedicated, top notch teachers. In addition, the schools emphasize key elements in social development such as proper manners, teamwork, good behavior and developing relationships with their peers. Deciding where to send your young child to learn and grow is an incredibly tough task for a parent. The proof is in the results; our daughter started kindergarten light years ahead of most of her classmates, both socially and academically, and our son is simply thriving from his experience in the toddler school. We recommend CMA and CSTM to all of our friends and family!”
Erik & Susan Robbins, Burien, WA

“Miss Yvette and her staff have created a very nurturing environment that embraces individuality and where each child can be a success. Our daughter looked forward to going to “school” each day at Creative Minds. The staff instilled a love of learning in our daughter that we will be forever grateful. Creative Minds does an excellent job of preparing students for kindergarten and for life in general.” An absolute gem of a school!
Michael and Shay McBride

“We are so thrilled that we were referred to Creative Minds Academy! As parents (and both former educators), my husband and I were looking for an environment that was safe, nurturing and provided plenty of hands-on learning experiences for our curious 3 year-old. We were realistic in our hunt for the “perfect school” as we knew that was a lofty expectation.
Now that our son has been at CMA for almost a year I can say, with confidence, that I think we hit the jackpot and found that “perfect school”. The program is engaging, innovative and developmentally appropriate. The staff is professional, gentle and highly skilled in their curriculum delivery and daily interactions with the children. The atmosphere is calm and consistent. The owners/directors are passionate and dedicated educators who have found the perfect recipe for providing a fun place for kids to learn and grow.
Although I could go on and on and on about Creative Minds Academy, I must say that what pleases us the most is simple… and perhaps most telling. It is the smile on our son’s face when we drop him off, the stories of the day that he shares with enthusiasm when we pick him up and his occasional request to go to school …even on the weekends. He is very happy at Creative Minds and, of course, that is what makes us happy!”
Tami & Brian Miller, Seattle

“I am so appreciative of the wonderful educational environment Creative Minds Academy offered my children. You challenged them and allowed them to develop an understanding and appreciation for different cultures, places, and the world in which we live. They were more than prepared to enter kindergarten.
The girls have developed into thoughtful, intelligent people, and I credit Creative Minds with much of that. I especially appreciate the life skills your school teaches. The manners, the ability and confidence to do tasks on their own, the sense of responsibility and fairness… so much more than a typical daycare or preschool provides. I am so grateful that Creative Minds provided such a safe and caring environment for my children. I never doubted that they would be in the best of hands.”
Cindy Hudson, Seattle

“My son attended Creative Minds Academy for one year before going to kindergarten. I wanted him to be better prepared before starting kindergarten and Creative Minds not only met my expectations but surpassed them. My son learned math, art, science, language, history, practical life and so much more in a non-stressing, nurturing, warm, and safe environment. Miss Yvette, the owner, takes cares of all the details and makes sure the staff is up to her high standards. She is always available to parents. The teachers and the families are wonderful. The facility is so pretty, clean and it really encourages learning and positive social interactions. My son had a great time when he was attending CMA. He is now in 1st grade and doing math and language at a much higher level. The only thing I regret is that I did not learn about CMA until my son was four years old. CMA is a gem in our community.”
Georgina Stagi-Vassallo

“Creative Minds has given our son a WONDERFUL early foundation—socially, creatively and academically. And he also has tons of fun! Thank you both for a great school.”
Erin & Mike , Seattle

“We started both of our sons at Creative Minds as 3 year-olds, our younger child will be finishing up as a 5 year-old this summer to start kindergarten in the fall. We have been so pleased with Creative Minds. It is a safe, nurturing environment for children. Both of our kids grew so much academically and they also developed strong friendships and self-esteem there. The curriculum is thoughtful and the kids are always treated respectfully. If they offered programs through elementary grades, we would probably have both children enrolled there still since they offer so much individual attention and the academic environment is so rich. We can’t say enough!”
Emily and Todd Benevedes, Burien

“Creative Steps has been a great place for my daughter to develop during these important years of toddler-hood. The staff is nurturing, kind, involved and makes learning fun. There is a lot of structure without rigidity that allows my daughter to grow and learn with great joy. We are so thankful for the wonderful care and education she receives from Creative Steps!”
Sean & Cristine Beckwith, Burien

“Our son, Mason, was cared for by a nanny in our home before starting Creative Steps Academy. Ms. Yvette and her teachers made sure the transition for our son was smooth and enjoyable for all and Mason has blossomed into a confident, courageous toddler. We love that Creative Steps is a family-run facility, with the owners personally involved in Mason’s care. We are truly enjoying our experience at Creative Steps Toddler Montessori.”
Brent & Traci Volle, Burien

“We have been very happy with Maddy’s experience at Creative Steps! She has thrived; learning many skills (from using the potty to recognizing and writing her first numbers and letters) in a very nurturing and attentive environment. She looks forward to going to ‘school’ in the morning and often isn’t ready to leave when we pick her up in the afternoon. She loves it as much as we do!”
Zack and Amanda Pittis, Normandy Park

“Creative Steps is more than we could have asked for. There is nothing more important to a parent than knowing that your child is safe and happy. The teachers are amazingly caring and sensitive. Our son has learned so much and continues to grow every day. We know that this is a great start to his education. Most importantly, he loves it and has fun every day.”
Leah and Tim Caudle, Burien