Montessori Kindergarten Teacher: Teach kindergarten students using the Montessori Teaching Method. Design and develop lesson plans and course materials for a variety of subjects, including language, arithmetic, writing, reading, art, science, and music. Tutor students individually and in small groups to teach literary, artistic, scientific, mathematical concepts, and music programs. Establish and maintain a safe learning environment and develop activities to promote students’ physical, mental, and social development. Monitor and assess the academic progress and social development of each student and adapt class plans and assignments as necessary to meet each student’s needs. Maintain qualitative records of students’ progress and conduct parent-teacher conferences. Participate in continuing education classes and conferences to refine understanding of the Montessori method.

Requirements: The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Education or Early Childhood Education and a Montessori Teaching Certificate granted by a MACTE accredited institution. The position requires two years of experience in the job offered or a related Montessori teaching position.

40 hours/week.

Job Site: Burien, WA.

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